Superglass insulation products are manufactured from mineral wool (man made vitreous fibres: MMVF), and are designed to provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

  • Superglass products are compression packed to reduce storage space and transport costs.
  • Superglass products are resilient, flexible and easy to handle, cut and fit.

Products are available in the form of rolls, slabs or batts and come in a range of thicknesses, sizes and facings to meet the particular specification requirements of almost any insulation task.

The Superglass Sales and Technical teams are on hand to discuss the supply of any non-standard material you may require and will recommend individually tailored products to suit your needs.

The STANDARD RANGE of Superglass Products, as detailed in this product guide, is all ex stock and as such is subject to immediate availability as detailed.

Items not listed may be available subject to specification, quantity and required time scale. Please confirm availability with your Superglass Area Sales Manager or, alternatively our sales office and technical support team based in Stirling will advise accordingly. Items outside the STANDARD RANGE will be subject to separate agreement in each instance they are required. It should not be assumed that the detail of previous requirements will be automatically replicated.

Service Policy

Superglass prides itself on the quality, reliability and flexibility of its service to all customers.

Part and mixed loads are available for all products, details of which can be confirmed by our Sales Office Team in Stirling. Prices quoted are for deliveries to the mainland of England, Wales and Scotland.

For further information on the flexibility of the service Superglass takes great pride in, see the section Customer Service Commitments.


Non-Standard Products

Products not included the STANDARD RANGE are subject to approval of detailed specification, quantity and delivery requirement. No commitment to supply will be given until all these criteria are made available.

Confirmation of availability and price will be given by the relevant Superglass Area Sales Manager.

When approval is given to supply a non-standard product, it will be allocated a specific contract number that will relate to the detail of that order only. It will be either volume or time bound in all instances.

All orders must quote the unique contract number or the order will be rejected.

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