Ask an insulation expert

The right products – now and in the future

Teamworks is built on a strong understanding of both current realities in sustainable construction, and where the market is heading.

The current growth of Superglass adds to our abilities to work on a much longer timescale – and given how the insulation market is fed, this adds essential value. Building Regulations are a key driver of insulation demand, but these are not fixed; they typically last 3-5 years before being replaced by more stringent guidelines.

Climate targets provide the guiding principles of building thermal efficiency requirements, and these work on an ever-increasing gradient towards the best possible carbon performance. Naturally, this will continue to affect regulation in the UK. Insight into what happens in the future needs to grow ever stronger.

Meeting existing demand and adapting alongside what the market will look like in the short and long-term future are equally important criteria. They are pivotal factors in ensuring that the innovations being made in-house are going to meet the requirements of the world outside.

Illustrating the vision

The future is not merely going to be a matter of following where regulation leads. Demonstrating what is and will be possible is an essential part of the modern insulation provider.

And for Superglass, “in house” really means in house. The new Futureworks Innovation Centre centers on a mock-up building, where products can be demonstrated in action. This allows a clearer illustration of the material used in the product range.

It also provides a focal point when bringing people in to talk about current possibilities, and going on to engage them with what’s happening in the future. It ties into the plans to increase technical knowledge in the business, and will showcase the limits of products beyond what is currently being done.

Yet the centre is more than just a place to show off products and engage decision-makers about specific projects. With modern conference and meeting space and plans afoot to organise customer evenings, architectural seminars and more, it really offers the potential to serve more generally as an industry hub.

In times of change, key values count

As building technologies diversify and low-carbon considerations continue to rise up agendas on site, it would be tempting to view the future of insulation as complex, daunting, and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Ultimately, as the construction industry and product markets change, some things remain very much the same – and nothing beats a personal, fast service with products made to measure.

It’s up-to-the-minute expertise combined with approachability that sets Superglass and its Teamworks philosophy apart – and that ever-vital ability to see each project as it is, not just in the framework of what’s on the shelves of a warehouse. From whatever angle you look at it, this is an insulation firm that’s more than up to the job.