Caring about customers

At Superglass, our Teamworks core values of a personable approach and great technical knowledge are at the heart of everything we do. As we expand, we will build this capability out, enabling the tailored approach to continue as output increases.

A new customer service charter has been introduced, to set down exactly what customers can expect, from product quality to technical solutions.

While this is a great way to clarify what Superglass offers, much of what the construction industry look for has long been part of ‘business as usual’ for us. There is always a dedicated sales manager on hand to ensure deliveries, deal with any issues and available to go out to the customer when required. Success to date has been based on knowing the businesses of clients inside out – and that’s not going to change.

Teamworks is not about plugging away on the job with heads down and ears closed, either – there are regular internal campaigns to get feedback from customers. Over time, we like to think that we have built up some very strong relationships.

With an open approach to feedback, everyone wins in the end. The continuing push for improvement in standards relies on the honest viewpoints of those that matter most. It can point to areas where improvements can be promptly made, while highlighting the most appreciated aspects of service. For example, customers have consistently said that Superglass has the best technical helpline.