Eco-Home Boss & Grand Designs Presenter Praises New Housing White Paper


As information about the government’s upcoming housing white paper slowly comes to light, early revelations have received praise from a familiar face in the housebuilding industry.

Kevin McCloud, host of Channel 4’s Grand Designs and the boss of his own eco-home company, spoke positively to The Telegraph about the plans for extensive investment in housing, citing it as a great opportunity for smaller enterprises.

These comments follow the news that the UK government has vowed to build one million new home by 2020. Those in charge have also announced that there will be an investment of £2.3 billion into housing infrastructure funds for those high demand areas, whilst a further £1.4 billion will be put into building 40,000 new homes.

For London, another £3.15 billion will be spent on 90,000 more affordable houses, and to avoid further concentrating crowded areas, the white paper is also predicted to propose a planned 360,000 homes to be built on English green belt land.

This is great news for those in charge of building secure and quality new build housing. McCloud agrees, stating: “For the first time since the recession, we have seen a serious commitment to house building.”


“For the first time since the recession, we have seen a serious commitment to house building”

The founder of HAB, a young firm committed to building well-insulated and ecologically friendly homes, McCloud also pointed out the strength that it will give to smaller businesses keen to create houses with innovative, sustainable methods. With this promise of investment, HAB Land will use those funds to help develop housing schemes across the West Country and the south of England.

HAB stands for Happiness, Architecture, Beauty, and it was set up in 2007 to challenge traditional identikit housebuilding, ensuring that their homes are made with sustainable materials, well-insulated and enjoyable to live in.

Firms such as these are an important step towards improved building of homes, especially when utilising eco-friendly, reliable insulation materials, such as the solutions available at Superglass.

Despite this good news, the planned date for the release of the finished housing white paper is still unconfirmed. These large investments are a positive signal for those in the housing industry, but with the government still working through the possibility of certain policies, the white paper’s original release date of late 2016 has now moved to an expected February 2017.

Nevertheless, when the housing white paper does become available and passes the delay, it’s sure to offer many more interesting developments for house builders.

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