Growth expected for mineral fibre market in next decade

In news revealed by researchers, the mineral fibre market is expected to grow dramatically in the next decade. An ascent influenced by increased construction across developing countries, mineral fibre has shown to be a versatile material for various uses, in particular for thermal insulation.

This predicted market growth is forecasted to last between 2016 to 2026, with the North American mineral fibre market dominating the largest share due to flourishing related industries. However, much of this growth in value will come from regions such as Latin America, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific countries.

Since the mineral fibre market encompasses many types of materials to facilitate different industries and requirement, this growth is expected to have a positive knock-on impact to suppliers.

It’s easy to see why this versatility has lead to increased popularity. As just one use, mineral fibre often comes with non-combustible properties, and some types can be used as strong material for fire protection in varying types of buildings, from homes to offshore oil rigs.

However, other types of mineral fibre have led to exceptional innovation to match a changing environment. A high demand for effective thermal insulation has lead to increased interest in glass mineral wool, a type of insulation supplied by Superglass that is exceedingly cost-effective, reliable and efficient.

Not only that, but new industry methods mean that this type of insulation can be manufactured from recycled waste, and formed in a way that is highly sustainable. When used effectively, this insulation will then negate any environmental effects gathered in the manufacturing by being used for long term energy preservation.

Mineral fibre has therefore become an essential as those in construction and property industries seek quality insulation. In a modern day when monitored energy footprints are often a crucial component of a reputable company, the rise of demand for sustainable mineral fibre insulation in building houses has likely also contributed to this predicted market growth.

Glass wool mineral fibre has also been made for special purposes in construction of marine vehicles and aircraft and the overall global market is expected to be influenced not only by construction but by a demand for acoustical insulation for buildings.

The predicted growth of the mineral fibre market is expected to be dramatic and influential in global industries. With the benefits already proven, it’s positive yet unsurprising that demand is only going to grow.

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