Now with new Robust Detail approval, Superglass once again sets new standards in Blown Insulation

Superglass’ Superwhite 34 blown wool insulation has received Robust Details accreditation as a proprietary component in E-WM-33, the pre tested solution as featured in the Robust Details Handbook published on October 1st 2019.

Robust Details is a scheme offering housebuilders an alternative to the pre-completion sound testing required to meet Part E of the building regulations.

Until recently Superwhite 34 was exclusively used for insulating new build external cavity walls, where it delivers industry leading thermal performance. As the product referenced specifically by Robust Detail E-WM-33, Superwhite 34 can now be used for both external and separating walls between dwellings.

In addition to the many benefits housebuilders are experiencing from using Superwhite 34 in external walls, the new Robust Details accreditation frees up valuable time on site, allowing contractors to install the same product in both external and internal walls during one site visit, with no costly delays and compliant performance standards guaranteed throughout the build.

Superglass Blown Insulation specialist, Tim Massey comments:

Once again, we have raised the bar by gaining Robust Details accreditation. Not only will our installer partners be able to increase their business by offering their customers one product for both applications, Housebuilders too will be able to streamline their build process with faster application on site and a pre tested acoustic solution. It really is a win win solution for all concerned, and we are immensely proud to be first to market with one product, approved for both applications. 

Superwhite 34 is installed internally, after the walls have been built, by approved Superglass contractors, eliminating delays due to bad weather and allowing the on-site team to utilise their skills more efficiently.

Being available nationwide, only through the Superglass trained installer network, housebuilders can adopt this highly efficient insulation method wherever they are building.

Superglass has long been recognised as the leading name in blown insulation technology, helping to spearhead the government’s commitment to improving the thermal standards of the many older, hard to treat homes built at the turn of the century with cavity walls, but inadequate or no insulation.

Utilising the same technology for new build applications will be seen by many as another example of Superglass’ innovative approach, not just to blown insulation, but to developing new insulation solutions and techniques testament to the company’s new marketing theme:

Has anyone ever put this much thought into insulation?