Scotland’s first Sustainable Growth Agreement signed by Superglass

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has signed Scotland’s first Sustainable Growth Agreement Monday, 20 March at a launch event with Superglass.

The agreement (SGA) signed by SEPA Chief Executive Terry A’Hearn and Superglass CEO Ken Munro, is the first of its kind and centres on six commitments to proactively enhance the environmental performance of the company over the next four years.

The commitments specifically target a reduction in water usage, waste and CO2 emissions from the Superglass facility, while continuing to seek the use of innovative technologies to increase the use of renewable energy sources – with support and assistance from SEPA. The agreement promotes a strong emphasis on engagement with local groups to improve the economic, social and environmental outcomes of the surrounding community.

SGAs are a core component of SEPA’s pioneering Regulatory Strategy, One Planet Prosperity, which was unveiled in August, 2016. Each SGA represents a formal agreement with SEPA, entered into on a voluntary basis by regulated businesses, with the focus primarily on practical actions to deliver positive environmental change.

SEPA’s Chief Executive, Terry A’Hearn, who delivered a speech at the Superglass’ Innovation Centre in Stirling, said:

This agreement marks a milestone for environmental management in Scotland. It commits SEPA and Superglass to a set of practical actions, not vague words. These actions will improve the environment, strengthen Superglass’ business viability and benefit the local community. This is what 21st Century environmental management must deliver.”

Superglass meets Scotland’s environmental standards, but it wants to go further. SEPA is delighted to support Superglass in its efforts to make further environmental gains in its manufacturing processes, its transport systems and its products.”

We are also delighted that other parties such as Stirling Council, Zero Waste Scotland and the Scottish Wildlife Trust are joining this effort. Together, we hope to support an innovative Scottish company show that environmental excellence can create commercial success in a tough and uncertain global economy.”

Ken Munro, Chief Executive of Superglass Insulation Limited, said:

“I am pleased and proud to be signing Scotland’s first Sustainable Growth Agreement today.  We have invested heavily in new technology and improved processes, with excellent results.  We have shown that delivering hard commercial results and improving environmental performance are complementary objectives.”  

“This is a marker on a journey on us, and not the finish line.  This year we will be increasing our level of water recycling and installing an energy capture system.  Energy efficiency is our core purpose, and we will work with SEPA to ensure that we build on this success and make still further gains in this area.  It is at the heart of our commercial strategy, as well as our environmental one.”

Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Roseanna Cunningham said:

“The Sustainable Growth Agreement sets out the real on the ground actions that SEPA, working with individual companies, can take beyond regulatory compliance.”

“I look forward to seeing the first growth agreements deliver benefits to businesses, communities and the environment.”

The full SGA document signed by SEPA and Superglass is available on the Better Environmental Regulation page of the SEPA website, along with a guiding principles document outlining the broader aims of SGAs.