Superglass launches insulation guide

Superglass has launched an in-depth guide on maximising insulation in residential and commercial properties.

Designed for use by engineers, builders, architects and surveyors, the guide outlines best practice and suitable product specifications for particular jobs. The advice comes from Superglass’ specification experts and outlines how energy efficiency and heat retention can be incorporated on; internal and external walls, timber frames, floors, lofts, roofs and metal-clad structures.

Ken Munro, Chief Executive Officer at Superglass, said: “Getting the insulation right is the quickest and most economical way to deliver energy efficiency benefits into a build project, and maximise the performance of any other green technology included.

“Our new guide aims to help inform the construction industry as a whole of the array of product specifications on offer, where they work best and the practicalities of installing them.

“Glass mineral wool in its blown, rolled or block forms is a highly effective insulation solution, and at Superglass, is sustainable. For buyers, sustainability is a key selling point, so installing a product that contains up to 84% recycled glass that will also reduce energy bills is an attractive proposition.”

The guide is available to download for free at