Superglass Starts Green, Stays Green

It’s all a question of balance. For a product to be considered truly green, it needs to save more energy in use than is used in making it. In fact, research has shown that over its lifetime, a typical glass wool product saves over 300 times the energy used in its manufacture and transport. That’s what makes glass wool so exceptional from an environmental point of view.

But there are even more ways Superglass products benefit the environment.

For example, we manufacture all our glass wool insulation products from post-consumer waste, in particular locally sourced recycled glass bottles which would otherwise be diverted to landfill.

Our aqueous waste and fibre waste are both recycled to prevent going to sewer or landfill; advances in our melting process mean we use less energy in production; and our products are compress-packed to around one-ninth of their original volume, reducing transport costs and the amount of packaging.

When you combine all of these benefits with our support of the Government’s environmental initiatives such as the Green Deal, we’re sure you’ll agree that Superglass insulation is one of the most environmentally-friendly construction materials available.

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