Glass Mineral

Glass Mineral Wool...At the Heart of Every Superglass Product

The main reason of course, is its excellent performance. In terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, glass mineral wool meets ever-more testing demands and regulations easily. In terms of fire protection, Superglass products have been given a Reaction to Fire A1 (non-combustible) when tested to BS EN 13501-1 – the highest possible rating. Non-combustible is a legally defined term within the Building Regulations applicable to all regions of the UK and Ireland. Only materials achieving the highest standard of reaction to fire can be certified non-combustible. But glass mineral wool makes economic sense, too. Being ‘made to measure’, the material’s extremely easy and efficient to install; it’s supremely cost-effective, too. Add to that its long-term environmental payback – in a building’s lifetime you can expect to save up to 300 times more energy than is consumed in its manufacture and transport – and you have quite simply the best value solution available.

Glass mineral wool is also breathable, helping to reduce the risk of condensation in the building – and you can always rely on it to consistently do what we say it does, matching its stated performance levels.