Hear the difference. Creating more intelligent – and quieter – environments.

A comfortable environment isn’t just about warmth; it’s about peace and quiet too.
In urban areas particularly, intrusive noise can affect our physical and mental health,
our wellbeing and our quality of life. But Superglass can help. Our acoustic-focused
insulation used throughout a building, including internal partitions, floors and party/
separating walls, combines with double glazing and well-fitted doors to help create
quieter and happier homes.

There’s more to our insulation than meets the i.

Glass mineral wool insulation works by using fine fibres to trap air and prevent heat escaping. Similarly, they allow the air moved by sound waves into the middle of the material, where it becomes trapped and dissipates, and thus the noise is absorbed. This deadening effect is increasingly being used to make homes more enjoyable to live in, and our Robust Details offer simple solutions to help specifiers meet building regulations – such as using Superglass Party Wall Roll between adjoining properties to significantly improve the homeowner’s quality of life.

How it’s made makes a difference too.

Our insulation is made from up to 84% recycled glass. Our production processes are amongst the most advanced in Europe, designed to minimise energy use, reduce waste water and recycle any waste materials. Then our products are compressed to one-ninth their original size, cutting down on packaging and transportation. And once installed, our insulation can save more that 200 times the energy used to create it. We’re doing our bit for the environment, so you can too.



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Economical and easy to fit.

Superglass insulation acts as a simple acoustic barrier, reducing noise transmission between
walls, floors and adjacent properties. But while it’s super-effective, it’s also surprisingly
economical to buy – and even easier to fit. Our glass wool is flexible, so it fits snugly against
uneven surfaces and leaves no gaps for heat to escape or noise to penetrate, and our ‘made
to measure’ rolls and slabs fit between standard wall ties, joists or timber stud spacings,
reducing waste. And once installed, there’s no maintenance needed.

Intelligent environments. By Superglass.

We’re always thinking about the future, and how we can make it better through intelligent
insulation solutions. Our expertise and advanced technology recycles waste glass into insulation, an
invaluable resource, that enables us to live more sustainably. We do it because we believe the
smartest way to use energy is to not use it at all. And by creating intelligent environments that keep us comfortable while using fewer resources, we all benefit…and so do generations to come.