PIR Supply Issues? Superglass can help.

We all know that site efficiency means having the right products on hand when you need them.
So, when it comes to cavity wall insulation you can now make sure you’re never left out in the cold.

If you usually use PIR rigid boards to partially fill the cavities of external walls you may currently be experiencing some uncertainties in supply. But at Superglass we can offer you a very simple cost effective solution, whilst also offering you a host of other advantages.

Our new PIR v Superwall chart makes a clear comparison when comparing a range of partial fill PIR solutions with the alternative Superglass Superwall products to fully fill the wall cavity.

Plus you get all the advantages of using glass mineral wool.

Reliable on-site performance

  • The flexible properties of Superglass Superwall cavity batts allow the insulation to follow the uneven surface of the cavity, making it more effective at restricting air movement within the cavity and removing the risk of heat loss through convection.
  • The thermal performance of Superwall cavity batts is not reliant on the reflective properties of foil facings in low emissivity cavities, which can be compromised by dulling of the reflective surface caused by mortar dust and excessive air movement.

Quick and easy on-site installation

  • No requirement for retaining discs. Superwall cavity batts negate the need for retaining discs, saving on material costs and installation time.
  • No requirement for cavity fire barriers.* Superwall cavity batts help minimise flanking sound transmission and prevent the spread of fire within the external wall cavity.
  • Robust product. Superwall cavity batts are able to withstand the demands of on-site installation, improving in-situ performance and reducing on-site waste.

Cost efficient solution

  • The installed cost of Superglass full fill solutions is significantly lower compared to a partial fill system using rigid foam boards.

*Reference to current Building Regulations may be required.

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