Superglass Insulation. Made to make a difference.

Superglass insulation is better for the planet both in use and in the way it’s
produced. We know that today, sustainability in construction is more important than
ever. But we also know it’s about more than just insulating homes – it’s about thinking
how we can do things better, and have less of an impact on our world.

There’s more to our insulation than meets the i.

The way Superglass insulation saves energy
is simple. It’s made from recycled glass
spun into fine fibres to create glass mineral
wool, which traps pockets of air inside it
– and as both glass and air are classed as
insulators because they don’t conduct heat,
the material stops heat escaping through the
walls, ceilings and floors of a building. That
means heating is more effective (especially
renewable technologies such as air source
heat pumps), so you can reduce energy use
which is great for people inside, and even
better for the planet.

Climate positive thinking.

At Superglass we’ve always been passionate
about sustainability. It’s been built into our
business since day one, and it’s intrinsic to
the way we think and act. But while others
talk about being ‘carbon neutral’, we go
further, not just cancelling out the effect
we have but looking for ways our products
and working practices can actively have a
positive effect on the climate.

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How we make our products makes a difference.

Our insulation is made from up to 84% recycled glass and our production processes are amongst the most
advanced in Europe, designed to minimise energy use, reduce waste water and recycle
any waste materials. Then our finished products are compressed to one-ninth their original
size, cutting down on packaging and transportation. And once installed, our
insulation can save more that 200 times the energy used to create it.

Economical and easy to fit.

While we’re doing our bit for the environment, we make it easier for you to do yours too.
Superglass insulation is thoroughly tested for superior performance, and easily meets the low U-values set out in
Building Regulations. But while it’s super-effective, it’s also surprisingly economical to buy – and even easier to fit.
Our glass wool is flexible, so it fits snugly against uneven surfaces and leaves no gaps
for heat to escape, and our ’made to measure’ rolls and slabs fit between standard wall ties, joists
or timber stud spacings, reducing waste. And once installed, there’s no maintenance needed.

Intelligent environments. By Superglass.

We’re always thinking about the future, and how we can make it better through intelligent insulation solutions.
Our expertise and advanced technology recycles waste glass into insulation, an invaluable resource, that enables
us to live more sustainably. We do it because we believe the smartest way to use energy is to not use it at all.
And by creating intelligent environments that keep us comfortable while using fewer resources,
we all benefit…and so do generations to come.