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Ask an insulation expert

The right products – now and in the future Teamworks is built on a strong understanding of both current realities in sustainable construction, and where the market is heading. The current growth of Superglass adds to our abilities to work on a much longer timescale – and given how the insulation market is fed, this […]

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25 Million Homes Require Insulation To Meet Standards in 2050

A new report titled ‘Building Places That Work For Everyone’, has been proposed to the UK government by the Green Building Council, revealing the drastic need for improved housing insulation. It predicts that four out of five occupied homes in 2050 have already been built, meaning that to meet sustainability targets, 25 million homes will […]

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Growth expected for mineral fibre market in next decade

In news revealed by researchers, the mineral fibre market is expected to grow dramatically in the next decade. An ascent influenced by increased construction across developing countries, mineral fibre has shown to be a versatile material for various uses, in particular for thermal insulation. This predicted market growth is forecasted to last between 2016 to […]

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Heat Vision Cameras To Identify Poorly Insulated Homes In Canadian City

In an innovative environmental pledge, the City of Vancouver government are beginning a new pilot project, using heat vision technology to identify weak housing insulation. Designed to help the public cut down their energy bills, the project also aims to raise awareness of the issue of poor insulation, a crucial factor in reducing greenhouse gas […]

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