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The Future of Insulation in New Build

Guide to the Future of Insulation in New Build

Insulation is changing. The long-term cost of buildings with poor thermal performance – from running costs, to health, to the environment – is becoming ever clearer. There’s a growing appetite among housebuilders to focus on insulation as the primary, and most cost-efficient, way to achieve energy efficiency targets. Our latest guide explores the cutting-edge practices and products being specified in […]

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Global infrastructure, Scottish heart

Superglass is based in Stirling, and our product is all manufactured there. We are proud to be based in Britain and Scotland; there are few firms that can boast both head office and manufacturing facilities here. Our local connections and relationships are important.  So as we become even more enabled though our partnership with TechnoNICOL […]

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Affordable warmth, clean growth

As the Government prepares to publish its Clean Growth Plan, a major alliance¹ has called for an ambitious new infrastructure programme to help to decarbonise the UK’s buildings and, in the process, boost the economy. With one-third of UK carbon emissions coming from buildings, the report, “Affordable Warmth, Clean Growth”, recommends a comprehensive Buildings Energy […]

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Report calls for raised ambitions on energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is sometimes dubbed the world’s ‘first fuel’ – and it’s certainly a resource that hasn’t been tapped to its potential yet. Where you can reduce demand for energy in the first place, less needs to be generated, and the carbon and financial savings can be massive. A new study from the UK Energy […]

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Practical guide: How to prevent heat loss at design stage

Building owners and householders are increasingly looking for property that is cheap to run as well as comfortable to live or work in. It’s a great way of protecting against the future. To do this, you’ve got to cut heat loss, and the best place to start is at design stage. Read our white paper […]

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Ensuring quality in the rush to build new homes

Right now, there is an aggressive push to build new homes. This is no bad thing; targets are steep, and demand has to be met. In 2016, 151,687 homes were registered with the NHBC – 70% up compared to levels seen at the 2008/9 housing crash, and the second highest figures ever. Clearly the UK’s […]

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25 Million Homes Require Insulation To Meet Standards in 2050

A new report titled ‘Building Places That Work For Everyone’, has been proposed to the UK government by the Green Building Council, revealing the drastic need for improved housing insulation. It predicts that four out of five occupied homes in 2050 have already been built, meaning that to meet sustainability targets, 25 million homes will […]

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