Plant Expansion and Volume Planning

Superglass’ parent company is investing £37m into expanding the Superglass plant as we build for the future as part of the TechnoNICOL network. Building work will take place over the next year, followed by the installation of a 187-tonne furnace and curing ovens. In addition, cooling, cutting and milling equipment will be replaced and an automatic packing system will be installed.

When the work is complete in the early part of 2019, Superglass will operate with double the capacity, and make a product of even higher quality. We believe this will be of transformational benefit to the insulation sector as a whole.

Inevitably, as we progress through the refit period, there will be various planned reductions in production to accommodate the work.

Due to careful inventory planning, we believe that most products will be unaffected. However, over the coming months we will be operating on reduced manufacturing capacity across Cladding and Multi-Roll ranges.

If you are a Superglass customer, your Area Sales Manager will be able to discuss this with you. However, please see below for answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions.


  1. Why are you communicating now?
    Superglass Insulation is committed to being transparent with our customer base, ensuring we maintain our strategic partnership with your business through the investment and refit of our manufacturing capabilities. We are speaking to you now so we can start to work with you, giving you as much notice as possible.
  2. How is this being communicated to my company?
    Superglass Insulation will be clearly communicating the message throughout your business from your central procurement team down to each of the regional and local branch networks nationally.
  3. Why are only Cladding and Multi-Roll product ranges affected?.
    Due to the inventory planning and nature of the operational improvements, Superglass has limited the impact of the reduced manufacturing to these product lines to support and reaffirm our commitment to our key customer base.
  4. What does this mean for existing orders?
    This communication refers only to future order planning.  Orders already placed and accepted will be processed according to our normal terms and conditions.
  5. If I increase my VAP order, will I receive my orders quicker?
    Superglass will work in partnership with your branch to ensure loads are processed and delivered as efficiently as possible. However, due to the nature of the improvements we are unable to quicken the production of cladding and multi-roll so ordering VAP products will not have an impact on our ability to supply.
  6. If I commit to a monthly or annual volume will it guarantee my supply of affected product ranges?
    Superglass Insulation is committed to working closely with your monthly requirements and would welcome the opportunity to discuss potential guaranteed volumes to cement and reaffirm our commitment to your business. By committing to a monthly volume it will greatly assist our ability to plan production more effectively.
  7. If I commit now and place orders for the next three months, will you confirm the orders and delivery dates?
    Superglass Insulation will be happy to assist you with your delivery requirements and a member of the internal team will through the delivery period assist you and communicate regularly with updates and expected delivery dates.
  8. Can I nominate a number of branches within my national network?
    Superglass Insulation are committed to working with your national branch network, so there is no need to nominate or reduce your branch network.
  9. What volume of commodity products can I expect to receive in the coming months?
    Superglass Insulation will endeavour to fulfil your order requirements; however we will take into consideration your historical sales over a 16 week period to determine any future volume. Your Area Sales Manager will work through the specifics with you.
  10. Can I bulk order or stockpile products to ensure supply?
    Superglass Insulation will carefully manage stock levels to the benefit of our entire customer base and will not accept bulk or large volume orders through this period. We are committed to working closely with each customer to ensure consistent and regular supply of Superglass products.
  11. Who should I speak to?
    The sales team are on hand to work in partnership with your branch/sales office to assist where possible with your customer questions.
  12. Which product ranges are not affected within this period?
    Product ranges not affected are
    Timber & Rafter
  13. Will non-standard products still be available?
    Subject to the product group outwith the product ranges affected, non-standard products will still be available on 6-pallet orders. However production on non-standard products within the Cladding and Multi-Roll product ranges will still be affected.
  14. Does this mean Superglass Insulation products are now on allocation?
    Superglass Insulation products are not on allocation; instead we are committed to investing in the future partnerships built with our key accounts.
  15. What does this mean for lead time deliveries?
    Through continuous dialogue with your local or internal Superglass Insulation representative and careful planning, we will endeavour to minimise any disruption to our service. Although we will do everything we can to ensure supply is within our advertised lead times there may occasions when delivery lead times are extended. We will communicate this to you when you place your order.
  16. So how long will this planned reduced production last?
    Superglass Insulation anticipates that our new improved production facility will in full production by April 2019. Throughout our journey we will be sending regular communications to keep you updated on our progress.