The cream of cladding insulation. Now available in 260mm and 280mm

Thicker cladding insulation means more performance from just one layer

Superglass Cladding Mat 40 is designed to provide thermal and acoustic insulation in the walls and roofs of profiled metal clad buildings and portable buildings. And now it’s available in both a 260mm and 280mm, it’s also designed to save you time and money with just one product on site and therefore the same roll length throughout the install process.

Increasing the thickness of our existing product takes away time and expense on-site

Cladding Mat is already 1200mm wide to allow quick installation, with minimum cutting and reduced waste. But unlike most cladding insulation, it now has a 260mm or 280mm options – meaning you only need one layer rather than two for extra performance, and thus saving even more time and money on-site with just one high performing product.

A measure of Superglass’ intelligent thinking.

Increasing the thickness of our existing 240mm Cladding Mat 40 might not seem much... but it’s an example of THINKTECH – using glass science and innovation to save energy, improve buildings and find more efficient ways of working to create Intelligent Environments optimised to use fewer resources and protect where we live and work for tomorrow, not just today. And it’s what sets Superglass apart.

More reasons to choose Cladding Mat 40

BRE Green
Guide Rating

Cladding Mat 40 has a generic BRE Green Guide Rating of A+.


Fire classification A1 (the highest possible rating) when tested to BS EN 13501-1 Reaction to Fire.


Thermal conductivity of Cladding Mat 40 is 0.040W/mK.


Manufactured from up to 84% recycled glass.

Easy & Quick
To Install

Lightweight for easy installation, 1200mm wide roll cuts down on-site cutting.