With our new Thinktech App housebuilders and installers are adding value to new homes by closing the thermal performance gap.

Are you up to date with Part L?

In June 2022 the UK Building Regulations changed for new build homes, meaning you now need to prove that every hidden thermal insulation layer has been correctly installed.

Why? Quite simply, to ensure the thermal efficiency of new houses is maintained, energy bills are reduced and the ‘gap’ between the designed and actual thermal efficiency is closed.

Like all cavity wall insulation, Superwhite blown insulation is hidden within the wall cavity so now falls under this amendment.

Let the THINKTECH app help you meet the regulations.

To help installers and housebuilders comply with the new standard, Superglass has developed an innovative and dedicated app accessed from the technician’s phone or tablet. The user-friendly interface intelligently records specific house plot information, a range of metrics and installation images. This, along with other data collected, provides all the information needed to support correct installation on every plot, when carried out by Superglass’ national network of approved installers.

The intelligence behind the technology.

The process starts with a unique QR code on each bale of Superwhite blown insulation that leaves the Superglass factory. This code uniquely identifies the insulation and cannot be used more than once.

The THINKTECH app then guides the approved installer through the entire process, only requiring the information deemed necessary to prove that Superwhite insulation has been installed correctly.

As evidence that the specific plot is at the right stage for installation of Superwhite insulation, geo and time-stamped images are uploaded as part of the installers usual survey process, whilst cavity width and square meterage of the walls calculate the precise volume of the cavity to be filled.

Having deemed the plot suitable, injection holes are drilled as per the BBA certificate and our system design manual, before setting up the blowing machine in the normal way. Key machine settings are also recorded on the app.

With installation now underway, every bale of Superwhite cavity wall insulation used will have its QR code scanned by the app. Once complete the Thinktech app cleverly calculates key job parameters, before sending a ‘Job Details’ summary back to the depot.

The correct cavity wall installation. Warranty and detailed report at the touch of a button.

Once approved, the depot manager simply downloads a fully automated Cavity Wall Installation Report which includes the plot’s 10-year material warranty, along with data and health and safety sheets relevant to the material used. The site manager should keep this report on record ready to show Building Control at handover.

Finally, by including the Superwhite report as part of their Welcome Pack, the new homeowner can be assured that they are living in a house which is both thermally efficient and economical for many years to come, thanks to Superwhite.

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