TN Roofing

TN International is one of the leading international producers of roofing, waterproofing and insulating materials. Founded in 1992, the company has always aimed to offer innovative products and technologies which respond to ever-changing requirements.

Today the Company has a turnover exceeding €1.5billion and employs 6500 people, bringing together 53 production sites across the whole of Europe, five Research Centres, 16 Training Centres and 140 Sales Offices in no fewer than 79 countries. We have regional headquarters in Stirling in the United Kingdom, and also in Russia, Poland, Italy, China and India.

Our aim is to produce high quality, reliable and effective construction materials and solutions and make them widely available across the world. We’re passionate about the quality of our materials too, and are constantly upgrading existing technologies and launching new materials. Continuous research and testing make it possible for us to launch several new products every year.

Materials to meet your requirements

Our products and systems are used in the construction of everything, from houses and commercial buildings to bridges and infrastructure. Wherever they are used, we are very proud that all the products we manufacture contribute to improving people’s lives. Our production facilities enable us to supply materials for every need, whether it’s large construction projects or developing unique products to meet your individual requirements.

With a production network serving many of Europe’s key markets, you’ll find TN International has the flexibility to deliver whatever you need promptly, without additional transportation costs.

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