What is

Every Superglass product now contains THINKTECH. But THINKTECH isn’t just a clever new ingredient. It’s a whole new approach.

Based around our philosophy of ‘the smartest way of using energy is to not use it at all’, we’ve improved every aspect of Superglass insulation. The latest generation products look better, smell better, feel better, compress further and recover faster – and it’s all down to improved production technology and new fibre science.

The smarter way to reduce energy bills.

From a new state of the art furnace and processing equipment to improved fibre technology, every Superglass product is the result of an innovative new approach to glass chemistry. And it’s this approach that we call THINKTECH.

The smarter approach to energy conservation.

Superglass products can save more than 200 times the energy used in making them. They’ve always been made from 84% recycled glass, but now, every product in our range goes further. THINKTECH takes recycled glass and combines it with advanced glass chemistry to produce our best-performing insulation ever and a benchmark for the industry.

The smarter choice with renewable energy systems.

THINKTECH recognises that insulation is just one part of the environmental equation too. There’s more need than ever for homes to be built with energy efficiency at the heart of their design, incorporating new, renewable energy technologies. But those expensive systems are of little value if the energy they produce is simply allowed to escape to the atmosphere. That’s where Superglass and THINKTECH come in, wrapping the building envelope to maximise energy efficiency and minimise carbon emissions and household bills.

Using smart thinking to save the planet.

THINKTECH is just part of our total commitment to energy preservation. We know the world needs innovative solutions to how the way we live is affecting the planet. We believe the smart approach is to look at tomorrow, not just today. And produce intelligent ways to master our own environment while protecting our shared environment.